(УК) Рекламна фотосесія в кінотеатрі Люм’єр

рекламна фотосесія

Photo Studio ARTphoto always able to surprise fans of his work, special photo session.
promotional photo shoot
This time our photographer Sergey Bobyk dared a unique design. On the set was almost 100 young actors. Publicity photo shoot held at Lumiere cinema in Ivano-Frankivsk and aimed to convey the atmosphere while watching movies for an audience of children. To say that it was not just is to say nothing.

I would like to once again thank all participants who took part in a photo shoot and organizers who took an active role for the realization photo project in life, such as:

Model School “IUVENTA +”

Film School “MovieX”

Dance school authorities Pit

Theater and Choreographic School “actress”

Theater school “ZHYVBUVPES”

And for those who visit our site we see the picture and appreciate the skill of our photographer.